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Dear student,

Unfortunately, given the recent developments, it will be exciting again whether the HBO Intro Festival will continue this year. We have a positive attitude and continue to believe in it. Until August 13, at least no festivals can be organized where the 1,5 meters can be released.

Until then, both Avans and BUas are anxiously following the measures and advice from the RIVM after August 13th and whether we can indeed present you a beautiful festival on September 9th!

The preparations for a live festival are in full swing and we are all looking forward to going live again at the new Breepark festival site after last year's online party! We can't wait to see you (again)! We are therefore doing everything we can behind the scenes to make it a great party especially for the Breda students.

Practical issues

The festival is and will remain free for all students of Avans Hogeschool and Breda University of Applied Sciences. It is necessary that you register yourself.
Every registered student will receive an invitation, just not all at once. The registration process is in full swing, the first bulk has already received an invitation. A second and third round of invitations will follow later this month and in August. So don't be afraid that you won't get an invitation!

What about corona?

We hope that everyone who wants to come to the festival has gotten 1 vaccination at least, but what that exactly means for our access is clear yet. Time will tell whether we will work with negative tests or whether a vaccination certificate/passport also applies. By registering yourself you will in any case be the first to know. Of course, as said, we keep a close eye on government guidelines and will act accordingly if necessary. In any case, keep an eye on the website and our socials to stay informed of developments in this area, because we will communicate more often about this.

Grab prizes!
Do you want to win the fantastic HBO Intro Festival prize package with 2 Intro Festival caps and 25 tokens? You can! The following steps are required for this:


Will we see you September 9th? Until then!

Greetings the HBO Intro Festival team