Bus staking

Dear student,

Next Thursday is the HBO Intro Festival at the festival site at Breepark. This location is normally easy to reach by public transport. However, bus company Arriva has announced that they will strike on this day. Many rides will be cancelled!

Arrange other transportation!

- Come by bicycle! There is a large bike park near the entrance on the field at Breepark.

- Let somebody drop you off and pick you up again. The driver can follow the yellow Kiss & Ride signs and you get off right next to the festival.

- Coming by car? There are public parking spaces near the festival site that you can use. Carpool with your friends so you can be sure that they will also reach the festival!

- Make use of a shared scooter. You can park these near the festival site.

- For the sporty types: Come on foot! It is a 3 km walk from Avans Hogeschool and 3.6 km from BUas.

See you on Thursday!

Kind regards,

Organization HBO INTRO Festival