Future proof

Avans Hogeschool as an educational institute, has an exemplary role in society and therefore also in the field of sustainability. The last couple of years, HBO Intro Festival (as a part of Avans Hogeschool) has made substantial steps in becoming a more sustainable festival. Our hard work and dedication resulted in receiving a Future Proof Certificate for the HBO Intro Festivals of 2018 and 2019. We achieved this by reducing our energy consumption, making our catering more sustainable and the addition of the hardcup system which resulted in less residual waste.

Our ambition is to keep improving our sustainability programme in order to contribute in preserving the world of tomorrow.

What we do

What are we actually doing regarding sustainability? Why are we FUTURE PROOF? And why do we want to become a WASTE FREE festival?


Visitors pay a deposit for their drinking-cup during the festival. Doing this results in less cups which are thrown on the ground. These cups, which are being used on multiple festivals, are rented from a supplier where we only pay for cleaning costs en transport.


A smart energyplan for our festivals has a huge impact on our total energy consumption. Our energyplan consists of the usage of green event energy and as much LED-lighting as possible. By doing this, we are able to limit the usage of (bio)diesel aggregates. In addition, HBO Intro Festival in collaboration with Airqon, is working on a pilot where electric cars are providing the energy which is needed to run the event.


Throughout the catering of our festivals, we are an active force in sustainability. Where the usage of biodegradable packaging materials is a priority, we are currently also navigating towards a ecologically responsible menu. Examples of this, are the usage of vegetarian and vegan meals which have a smaller ecological footprint than the usual 'festival snacks’.


The tokens which we are using during the festivals are recyclable, which provides us with the opportunity to reuse the tokens within other tokens or shapes.


In order to further reduce the usage of plastic, we will be facilitating waterpoints. These waterpoints are freely accessible, and in combination with the hardcups an ‘unlimited supply’ of clean drinking water.


In the future, the HBO Intro Festival wants to keep its exemplary role in sustainability. Therefore, remaining a Future Proof Festival is of key importance for the HBO Intro Festival. Partly possible throughout new initiatives and sponsorships, we are always exploring new opportunities while we continue working on a more sustainable future. As an organisation we are proud on our accomplishments until now!