About us

The sun is smiling, the sky is blue, HBO Intro Festival, comes 4U!

Are you a student of Avans University of Applied Sciences or BUas? And do you already have 8 September 2022 in your agenda!?
After a two-year absence, the HBO Intro Festival returns to the Breepark Festival site! Then you get the chance to discover your (new) city, meet new people and go wild together with all HBO students in Breda   on our cool line-up.

Besides the always great line-up of the main, 2nd and 3rd stage, there are plenty of other things to experience. Get to know different student associations, undertake various activities with your fellow students and friends or go on a journey of discovery at the Hang Out.

Admission is of course free, but registration is required. In June you will receive a message from us how you can register and under what conditions. Register and you are guaranteed a place at the HBO Intro Festival Breda on Thursday 8 September.

Everything behind the scenes to make it a great party especially for the Breda students. This year we are unpacking extra and that means, among other things, that we start at 3 p.m.!

We look forward to seeing you at Breepark on Thursday 8 September!

Team HBO Intro Festival Breda